Non-Toxic and Plastic-Free Sunscreen

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Protect Yourself From the Sun... and From Plastic!

As well as plastic packaging and potentially hormone disrupting ingredients in conventional sunscreens, studies continue to show that oxybenzone and octinoxate, ingredients commonly found in conventional sunscreen, are detrimental to coral health. Coral reefs are vitally important and known as the “rainforests of the oceans” as they are home to a wide variety of sea life and plant species, protect coastlines from erosion and sequester carbon.

Thankfully there is now a growing selection of effective plastic-free sunscreens to choose from that use non-nano zinc oxide as the sunscreen; a mineral that provides a physical barrier on your skin. We (Kate and Mark - Bottlecup Co-Founders… hi! 👋 ) have personally tested most of the plastic-free sunscreens featured here.


Cornish skincare brand that has recently added a zinc oxide, reef safe SPF30 sunscreen to it’s collection - this is one of our favourites as the plastic-free cardboard tube make it easy to apply and the formula doesn’t leave any white-cast.


Refillable plastic-free broad spectrum SPF25 sunscreen that is designed for all skin tones and rubs in easily. It comes packaged in glass. If you're looking for an UpCircle discount code, then use KATE37226 for 10% off your order.


Reef safe and vegan, this broad spectrum sunscreen is 100% natural with 76% certified organic ingredients and comes packaged in a glass jar. 

Kri Skincare

SPF30 tinted sunscreen offering broad spectrum protection in an unfragranced formula that absorbs quickly and is suitable for sensitive skin. Packaged in glass with the option to buy a small travel size that fits neatly in your bag.

Sol De Ibiza

Definitely choose the sunscreen in a tin over the tube with this brand as it’s easier to apply. It has a thick texture but rubs in easily once warmed a little between your hands. The non-nano zinc oxide formula offers broad spectrum protection (choose from SPF30 or SPF50) and comes in a steel tin. It’s also vegan and cruelty free. 


UK based, fragrance-free and non-nano plastic-free sunscreen. The broad spectrum formula is made with only 4 natural ingredients (72% organic) and packaged in a recyclable tin. 


Choose from a selection of plastic-free sunscreens in a variety of SPFs and textures, ranging from light body milks to thicker creams packaged in tins or compostable cardboard tubes. The ingredients are natural and the formula offers broad spectrum protection. 

Badger Sunscreen

Plastic-free SPF40 sunscreen with unscented, 100% natural and 98% organic ingredients, just 4 in fact and comes in an easy to recycle tin. It is certified Reef Friendly by Protect Land + Sea, is cruelty free and made with solar power. 

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