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Co-brand with logo laser etching and Pantone colour matching.

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share your true colours

Mix & match

Choose from our existing colour palette or Pantone match on orders over 1,000 units. You can also opt for our naked stainless steel cup with your favourite silicone band & lid.

Laser etch your logo onto each Bottlecup. The Bottlecup logo will be there on the reverse giving you peace of mind on authenticity. 

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Allow us to introduce ourselves

Hi, we're Bottlecup 

Love takeaway hot drinks, but keep forgetting your reusable cup?

Introducing Bottlecup your 100% plastic-free, reusable water bottle and to-go coffee cup… IN ONE!

Beautifully designed for people on the move: one twist to reveal your vacuum insulated reusable cup, with a silicone cup lid stored neatly and hygienically in the base.

Grab and go one item and never forget your reusable cup again! Helping your team, colleagues or customers carry less and reuse more!

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It's a big mission

Let's do this together!

With 500bn disposable cups wasted globally each year and less than 1% recycled we're here to empower global reuse.

Reusable cups are brilliant. Sadly they are often forgotten, left behind due to the inconvenience of carrying multiple items, or the spontaneity of a drink to-go make it tricky to plan for. Only 1 in 6 reusable cup owners surveyed (Hubbub) use them every time they buy a hot drink. 

We're on a mission to change that and we'd love you to join us!

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Small changes change your world

Make a difference

What if your reusable cup was always with you? Together we can improve convenience and radically increase reuse rates.

For every person that enjoys a daily takeaway Mon-Fri, they can save 260 disposable cups from landfill each year. 

A co-brand order of 1,000 units will help save up to 260,000 disposable cups each year! AND you’re doubling your impact by avoiding single use disposable plastic water bottles!

Small change. Big impact.

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“I've had my Bottlecup for a few weeks now and I love it! It's much more convenient than bringing my water bottle and my cup separately!”

Lori H, Bottlecup owner

Let's get together! 

Bottlecup is a fantastic way to promote positive change, reflect your own conscious culture and empower your employees, clients, students or customers to carry less, waste less, and reuse more!

Get in touch and we’ll help you create the ultimate Bottlecup package for your team, company or campus. Together we can do more with less. 

Bottlecup, your plastic-free purpose-driven partner.