Lifetime Guarantee

We stand behind everything we make.

Should you find any defect in the way your product has been built we will repair (where possible) or replace it, within its reasonable lifetime.

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment we will always strive, whenever possible, to repair or replace a specific part rather than replace an entire Bottlecup. Bottlecup has a smart modular design to help extend its useful life which will also allow you to upgrade components should you wish rather than buy an entirely new Bottlecup.

We recommend that you carry out simple, regular care and maintenance to keep your Bottlecup functioning at its best. Your Bottlecup will last a long time if cared for properly.

Please see our How to Guide on maintenance.

Products that fail to perform as intended due to a manufacturing defect. If the product does not perform as expected please get in touch as we’d love to help!

This includes:

- Insulation failure

- Damaged during the shipping process. Do not use the product in this case.

- Rough welds along the rim of your cup base or base cap

- Rattling noise

- Leaking bottle lid

We offer this warranty in good faith against any manufacturing defect. We have gone to great lengths to ensure the design and manufacture of our product is to the highest standard. If a product has failed to fulfil the purpose it was designed for due to a manufacturing defect we will replace, refund (or repair where possible) within its reasonable lifetime.

We offer replacement parts on all components via our website. If a silicone or rubber part has worn through over an extended period, or if the cap on the base of cup has been dropped too many times, a replacement can easily be purchased.

While this is not covered by our warranty, we would like to take the worn part back to be turned into something new. Our take back system will be launching shortly.

Misuse, abuse, improper care, negligence and excessive wear and tear are not included.

These include:

- Products purchased from an unauthorised source

- Improper use or misuse

- Customisation of the product, such as a logo or engraving

- Damage or defect caused by:

- Improper cleaning (only wash your Bottlecup by hand, never in the dishwasher)

- Alterations or modifications

- Wear and tear

- Cosmetic damage including scratches, surface deformations, paint chips, discolouration or natural fading of colours

- Punctures

- Abuse

- Fire

- Acts of God

Do NOT put your Bottlecup in the microwave or the freezer. Please see our care instructions here.

Dishwasher use will potentially damage the vacuum insulation of both bottle and cup. It will also cause the powder coat to fade and remove the colour over time. Bottlecups that have been subjected to cleaning in a dishwasher are not covered under the warranty.

Hand washing your Bottlecup is recommended with cold to warm soapy water and soft bottle brush or sponge. Metal scourers and other abrasive cleaning utensils with damage the powder coat and is not covered by our warranty. Once washed, leave to air dry on a dry towel or dry by hand using a clean tea towel.

Please see our How to Guide on maintenance.

A proof of purchase is required with every return.

To begin the online return process, visit our Returns page. Before you send your product to us please remember to clean it.